It’s Complicated.





Crumbled I was,

When I saw 

Your eyes brimmed with tears.

All I could say was,

“It will be okay, it’s just a phase.”

You believed me.

You held onto me.

That gave me strength 

And belief in my own words.

I knew we could fix it.

I knew you would never make a mistake.

You were so fragile and so precious to me.

I wasn’t sure if he took you seriously.

I never wanted your heart to be broken

Cause, I can never fix the heart that fixes mine,

Everytime I give it to the wrong person.

So please listen to me for 

You are my friend and my strength,

And I can’t bear to see you cry.

I want you to fall in love with him and have a great life.

But never forget to love yourself cause,

Only you are there for you always till

The end.


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