Gender – A myth.

Gender is the most basic and biggest example of stereotyping. Gender is a social construct and in different societies with different cultures, the idea of gender changes. Many of us confuse gender for sex. Sex is the biological state of an individual and gender is more of a psychological aspect with how one identifies oneself. Sex is determined by the chromosome and gender is determined by the person when he grows up to who he wants to be. The twenty first century has seen notable changes in the concept of gender identification.

Gender was and still is seen in binary in many parts of the world. In my personal opinion, the whole idea of gender is idiotic. If you are a male, you are expected to be “masculine” and if you are  female, you are expected to be “feminine”. If you closely examine the qualities that you attribute to masculinity, they are brave, daring, adventurous, tough, short-tempered and dominating. And if you do the same for femininity, you will find caring, kind, soft, loving, shy, calm and reserved.

If you give it a thought, these qualities can be attributed to either male or female. They are not gender specific. In fact, there are no qualities that can be attributed to a particular gender. The only thing that can differentiate a man from a woman is the ability to carry a child until its fully grown and that is purely biological.

So, the idea of gender is not the same as we believe it is. Every society evolves and so with it must all its elements. Gender is one element that is stuck in Stone Age and needs to evolve. Evolution of gender must be one that breaks all stereotypes creating a gender free society. Every person is unique. Everyone has different qualities. To label them male or female by those qualities is to call penguins fish cause they can swim, bears human cause they can stand and walk on two legs and humans crocodile cause it can stay on both land and water.


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